The firm exists in its current configuration thanks to the vision of Prof. Avv. Emilio Tosi, who spent an enlightening period of study and research as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Berkeley in 1997.

With the arrival of the information society, it became clear that legal advice would play a key role in the emerging and increasingly complex areas of the laws governing information technology, online sales, personal data protection and intellectual property. In other words High Tech Law.

Emilio Tosi helped to establish and to develop in Italy this new branch of the law both under an academical and professional profile.

From 2000 to 2010 the new digital markets expanded rapidly, and Prof. Avv. Tosi headed a professional team focused entirely on Data Protection, ICT and IP Law.

Time moves on, and in 2005 it was time to reorganise and restructure the legal firm his father Giovanni Tosi established in 1979.

Prof. Tosi became Managing Partner in the new Law Firm which was renamed TOSI & PARTNERS HIGH TECH LEGAL in order to highlight the skills the firm has gained in legal advice and dispute resolution - both in court and in arbitration - in this strategic area of economic growth: the Global Digital Market.